About Angie

An avid dog lover, Angie Salisbury is the owner of Annibury, LLC and is an entrepreneur, author, and business ghostwriter living in Northeast Ohio. Angie is the one who did all the typing for the book. When not focusing her attention on the Pointers – walking the Pointers, feeding the Pointers, playing with the Pointers, petting the Pointers, cleaning up after the Pointers, and generally meeting every conceivable need of the Pointers – she loves being outdoors, reading, getting in a good workout, or working on her latest intricate needlework piece (possibly another award-winner). She is also a huge fan of puzzles. You can learn more about Angie on her below or by joining our Facebook Group.

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About Bimmer & Bertram

Bimmer & Bertram are 12 1/2-year-old brother and sister German Shorthaired Pointers living with their Mom and Dad in Northeast Ohio. They had eight siblings, and that meant 10 puppies and two adults living in a tiny bungalow house. They come from a long line of hunters, which explains their strong stalking instinct. They are the best of friends and have never fought or expressed true anger toward each other. They play together, eat together, and watch out for one another, no matter what. Both dogs are very smart; but not overly brave.

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Bertram Round Small BW


Bimmer Round Small BW

Bertram is a real girlie-girl. She is very strong-headed and strong-willed but still so sweet. She likes to do things on her terms and can be quite independent. She is defiant but will give you this look while doing it, like she knows she’s cute so she can get away with it. She can be “dainty,” (she sort of prances when she walks) but also likes to play and rough–house. When she gets sleepy she is a cuddler and likes to be covered with a blanket or burrow under her dog bed. She is very vocal and will let you know when she wants something. She can be shy around other dogs, and often doesn’t have much interest in them after a quick hello and would rather go in search of good smells or a critter. She gets into mischief and doesn’t seem to be phased if she gets in trouble.
Bimmer is the family protector out of the two. He is social but is also a bit of a “momma’s boy.” He is sweet and has a very gentle nature. He’s a cuddler, is curious, and just likes to be included in things. He is quick to give me a big tail wiggle. He is strong–headed and persistent. He’s is not a fan of getting wet – rain, snow, baths – but will carefully go into water on his own terms. He was a great athlete but 2 torn ACLs and a couple of other surgeries/health issues put those days behind him (he’s my “bionic” dog – he has steel plates and screws in both of his back legs). He rarely gets into mischief – he’s more laid back than Bertram but also hates getting into trouble.

Loved reading this book written with thoughts and insights from 2 dogs’ point of view. I am giving this as a gift to three different friends who have dogs because this book really captures what I am always pretending to know about what the dogs are saying. It’s so funny!

Christine Brown

What a great read! If you’re trying to decide on buying this book…don’t…just BUY IT!

Brian Hanson

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