Accepting Yourself: Your powdered sugar nose is just perfect.

We were really adorable when we were puppies (as all puppies are), and as we’ve grown up, we’ve just gotten better and better.

We have the wisdom that time brings in our eyes and have earned our powdered sugar noses. We’re confident in who we are and don’t let the fact that we’re getting a day older dim that conviction. We still have a lot of room in our hearts for love. Plus, Mom tells us every day that we’re beautiful and handsome inside and out, no matter what.

Bimmer in the sun

Bimmer enjoying the sunshine and cool breeze

The Dog to Human Translation: Just because you have a little gray in your hair or a wrinkle by your eyes doesn’t mean you’re any less beautiful. Those things are just your surface and don’t define who you are or showcase your true beauty.

Your beauty shines from within – from your spirit, from your personality, from your soul. Age brings wisdom and confidence and that’s one of the most beautiful things you can have.

If there is something that you consider to be a flaw, take a good hard look in the mirror and recognize how those “flaws” combine to form your unique beauty. Embrace your “flaws” because you know what? They’re not flaws. They’re stepping stones on a beautiful path to accepting who you are as a complete person.

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