About the Book:

 “I so often found myself smiling, laughing, or tearing up as I wrote this book because of the incredible lessons I have learned from my two goofballs. Having a companion – much less two – like the ones that inspired me and taught me the lessons included here has absolutely made my life richer. To everyone who reads this book, I wish the same.” ~Angie Salisbury

Sometimes we forget the simple things we can do in our everyday lives that will make us happier. That’s where two wise German Shorthaired Pointers come in. Follow along as Bimmer and Bertram take you on a journey towards greater happiness.

“We’ve seen a lot, listened a lot, taught a lot, and learned a lot. We thought it was about time to share our philosophy and lessons on life with all of you humans so that you could have the same incredible life we do. Think of it as our legacy.”

These are simple things that people can start doing immediately to live a happier life – a dog’s life!

The love just jumps off the pages!

Along the way, you’ll learn lessons about:

  • Accepting Yourself & Others
  • Persistence Leads to Happiness
  • Building Relationships
  • Simple Happiness
  • Practical Living

You’ll even learn how you can share the life lessons you’ve learned from your favorite teacher (your pet)!

The love just jumps off the pages!

Susan Lassiter-Lyons

As a dog lover who actively trains and shows dogs, I loved the prospective of this book as told in a dog’s point of view. The life lessons, big and small and as told by the Pointers, made me “wag my tail”

Tricia Blu

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