Don’t wear shoes that are uncomfortable.

We hate wearing boots. When we were younger Mom would try and make us wear them in winter when it was snowy or icy outside. We did not want any part of the boots and would wiggle and squirm and pull our paws away because they felt funny. Anything to not have them put on our feet.

When she did manage to get one on, we’d either stand still and not move or try and shake them off by lifting our feet up really high. Eventually we won and she stopped trying to put them on. Now when it’s too cold or too icy (especially as we’re getting older), we get to stay inside and keep our paws safe.

The Dog to Human Translation:

If you have a pair of shoes that are uncomfortable, don’t wear them.

If, when you put them on, you try and shake them off or just stand there because they hurt when you walk in them, don’t wear them. In fact, take a nice stroll around the store before you buy them. If they come to your house in a fun box (like the kind we always want to play with) delivered by a man in a brown outfit (who we always bark at until he gives us a treat), then wear them around the house for a while. Go up and down the stairs, do laundry in them, run up and down the hallway. Just don’t go outside with them ‘cause then you’re stuck with them. Try them on with your favorite outfit and make sure they get four paws up!

Why is this important? Because wearing uncomfortable shoes will eventually make you grumpy and take your attention away from being able to focus on what’s important in your life.

You’ll be thinking about how much your feet hurt, rather than saying hello to someone you pass, focusing on doing your best work, or noticing a winning smile.

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