Earth Day Advice: Clean Up Your Neighborhood

If you see a mess, clean it up!

Bertram recycling

Bertram, especially, does her part to keep the neighborhood clean.

We do our part to keep our neighborhood clean. This is something we do every day, not just on Earth Day. Bertram is especially great at doing this, but I sometimes get involved. Here’s how it goes.

When we’re out on a walk, Bertram will pick up and bring home empty water bottles or empty paper cups that other people threw away. She doesn’t like styrofoam or cans, but paper and plastic are ideal. She’s done this since she was a puppy. The first time she did it she was about six months old and we were out for a long walk in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park on a Sunday morning. Right when we were starting out, Bertram found an empty plastic water bottle on the side of the trail. She picked it up and wouldn’t let go! Mom and Dad tried to make her give it up because we were just starting out for a long hike, but she refused. She ended up carrying it during the entire walk, even earning a compliment from a Park Ranger on her efforts to clean up the trail.

Twelve years later, she’s still helping clean up her neighborhood and trails. We’ve both gotten smart, though. Now, we’ll only give up a treasure in exchange for a treat!

The Dog to Human Translation: If you see garbage laying around when you’re out and about, pick it up and throw it out. It doesn’t matter if it’s not yours; we’re all stewards of our trails and neighborhoods. Enough said on that one.

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