How Did Dogs Know Best Happen?

Where Did the Idea for Dogs Know Best Come From?

Bertram in the sun

Bertram enjoying the sunshine and cool breeze.

A lot of you may be wondering how Dogs Know Best came about. It’s not your typical dog story book. Like many dog-related books, it is about a relationship with my dogs, but it’s more than that. Dogs Know Best is my love letter to my two senior German Shorthaired Pointers. It is a thank you to them for all the things they have taught me, and continue to teach me each and every day.

Bimmer in the sun

Bimmer enjoying the sunshine and cool breeze

I spend a LOT of time with my dogs, they are my constant companions. I knew there was a story in there somewhere, but honestly, there’s nothing fancy or unusual about our story. We live a quiet life somewhere between the city and the country, almost on the edge of a national park. We go to the store, we go for walks. They hang out while I work, they play. They are in a routine, with meal times and bedtime happening at just about the same point every day.

So the story of Dogs Know Best just happened. It happened quietly, like our life. It didn’t come with a big bang, it didn’t come with a lot of ceremony. It was a simmering thought, the lessons coming to me as we would be out on our walks (which is when I do my best thinking and brainstorming).

Pointers have a reputation for being energetic, nutty “handfulls.” Just ask anyone who has ever shared their life with a Pointer and they will quickly agree. Words like “stubborn,” “strong-willed,” “too smart for their own good,” “balls of energy.” While Bimmer and Bertram are all that, they are also sweet, gentle, sometimes patient, and lovable. I wanted to capture all of those qualities on paper, in a lasting tribute to my Pointers, and I think Dogs Know Best did just that.

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