“Let the dove fly away so you can chase it again tomorrow.”

Even though we’re 12 years old, we still have to listen to our Mom because she will always make sure we’re safe and happy. She won’t let us do anything that will get us in trouble or may get us hurt.

Occasionally we’re not happy about it, like when we’re trying to eat something extra special that we found on our walk. Or if we’re really close to catching that mourning dove we’ve been stalking. But she will tell us that we have to let the dove fly away so we can chase it again tomorrow, or we’ll have a tummy ache if we eat that really yummy treasure we found, so we reluctantly have to listen and let the dove fly away or leave our treasure behind (but trust us, we’ll remember exactly where it is and try again on our next walk).

 The Dog to Human Translation:

Like it or not, no matter how old you are, sometimes you have to listen to your Mom or Dad or mentor or trusted friend because they will know what will keep you safe or happy. It’s true, so don’t try and fight this fact.

Even if you think you’re worldly, experienced, smart, or wise, you can always count on that one person in your life – likely when you least expect it. They have this inherent ability to see your life and your path and offer advice that will point you in the right direction.

You may not realize it while they’re telling you, but maybe an hour later, a day later, or even after a year, you’ll realize that they really did know what’s best for you.

But in order for this to happen it means being open and receptive to what someone else is saying. Try to resist the urge to think you know it all. No one knows it all.

We can learn from the life experience that others have, and being open to that can make you rich beyond your imagination.

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