Notice something new and exciting in the routine of your life.

As part of our normal routine, twice a day, we go for a walk around our neighborhood. Mom likes to mix it up for us and take different routes (she often lets us decide when to turn or cross the street), but we’re still staying in our neighborhood.

For us, though, every walk is exciting. We get to go out and see and smell what’s been happening since the last time we were there. We look for the birds, bunnies, chipmunks, and if we’re lucky, a groundhog or a flock of geese or turkeys (or even a deer!). We sniff around to learn which of our dog friends have been out and about. We run through the long grasses because it tickles our bellies. We’ll try and bring home an acorn or pinecone or some other fantastic treasure.

We’re excited every time we get to go out because we know we’ll find something new.

The Dog to Human Translation:

All people have routines, whether you go to work every day or are home taking care of your kids (both 2-legged and 4-legged).

Even if your daily schedule doesn’t vary much, it’s important to discover something new in each day. It goes back to that appreciation of the little things in life we talk about so often in Dogs Know Best.

Each new day brings a new environment. If you really do think things never change in your day, we challenge you to look very closely and pay attention tomorrow and find what is different.

Make it a game and stretch your frame of reference to observe and recognize the world around you. Or even the world within yourself. Write down what you see in a “One New Thing” list.

Soon enough, when you look back on your new discoveries, you’ll very quickly realize that things are not the same every day.

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