Pet Safety Tips


I love to go on car rides!  My Dad is always telling me to click or ticket it young lady, so I get to show off my stylish seatbelt harness. I wasn’t a big fan of it at first but after traveling across country numerous times in my life I got used to it.  So if you are going on a car ride ask your parent to make sure that you are secure and safe in the vehicle.

The Dog to Human Translation:

Our pets love to go on car rides and it is important that we do it safely.  At first Daisy didn’t enjoy her doggy seatbelt but after a couple of trips she got used to it.

Only a small percentage of pet owners restrain their pets while they are in their vehicles.  By restraining your pets you aren’t only protecting your pet but you are also protecting yourself and other passengers in the vehicle.

There are several ways to restrain your pets and they are as followed: travel carriers, crates or doggy seatbelts and harnesses.

Please take the time and keep your pet safe while traveling!

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