Relocating with your Pet


After my last blog post I went on the longest car ride of my life and boy was it fun!  I traveled from Ohio to Florida with my Dad.  Of course I was wearing my seatbelt and it worked out really well because not only was I safe but the harness I wear my Dad could easily attach my leash and take me to potty on our trip.   There were tons of interesting smells and humans I met along the way!

A couple of things that I noticed is it is a lot warmer in Florida and I drink a lot more water. Instead of chasing squirrels in my backyard like I used to in Ohio, I am now chasing lizards.  I haven’t caught one yet but I have gotten close.

I get walks early in the morning and later in the evening to avoid the heat.  Sometimes I even get to go swimming in this water that is funny smelling and tasting.  It isn’t what I am used to but it is still fun.

The Dog to Human Translation:

I recently moved across the country with my dog Daisy and it was a 16 hr car ride.  I of course made sure she was secured in her seatbelt and also had food and water available for her throughout the ride.  I stopped every couple of hours along the way to make sure Daisy could get out stretch her legs and use the potty.  For the most part she slept which was great.

Prior to moving to St. Pete Beach I did some research to make sure that I made the transition to the new environment as smoothly as possible for Daisy.  Finding out that St. Pete Beach is the unofficial flea capital of the world I had to switch flea medicines. To deal with the heat we now take our walks at 6:30 AM EST and 8:30 PM EST, it is a little cooler at these times and we can enjoy the walk.  I also purchased a dog cooling mat for her to lay on.

Whenever you are moving your pet to a new environment be sure to do some research and make the transition happens as smoothly as possible.  It can be very stressful on your pet and whatever we can do to make it less stressful lets do it!

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