Simple Happiness: Warm Your Belly in the Sun

Sunbathing Pointers

Nothing better than a good sunspot, whether you’re inside or out.

We both love laying outside on a warm day, basking in the sunshine. If it’s too cold to go outside, we’ll find a sun spot inside for our nap.

Many years ago our Mom found a doggie door that we could use to go out on the deck by ourselves. It is in the big screen door, so it has to be a pretty nice day for us to be able to use it. If the door is closed because it’s too cold or too hot, we’ll ask Mom or Dad over and over again to go outside. We’ll lie in the sun until we get too hot, then go back inside to cool off before wanting to go out again (Mom says this is why she got us our own door, so we didn’t always have to ask). It’s a time for us to nap, smell the air around us, and listen to the birds and sounds of our neighborhood.

In summer, I love going out and stalking and snapping at those big wood-boring bees, but Bimmer doesn’t like them because they make a loud buzzing sound and when he sees or hears me snap at one, he runs back inside to find a different sun spot to lay in. It’s almost like the bee and I are playing a game of chase, sometimes for an hour at a time. Unfortunately for the bee, at least a few times a year I actually catch one, but another one always shows up to continue the game. (You’ll learn about the bee another time.) When it’s cold outside, we’ll find a sun spot inside so we can still get nice and warm while we nap.

The Dog to Human Translation: Being outside is a chance to recharge and get away from the mundane, draining things in your lives – work, the phone, chores, really any of the stresses of everyday human life. Make sure that you get outside every day and take a deep breath and let yourself relax. Do this even if it’s really cold and snowy out. If you can’t get to a park or the beach, find a quiet spot near you that you can call your own, and give yourself a little time in your day to recharge. Find your own “bee to chase” and warm your belly in the sun.

Bimmer outside

Bimmer used his door to go out and lay in the sun.


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